Kittens born at home are like our babies, they will be placed in families willing to provide them all the care and love they need to grow. A pet is not a toy and its acquisition requires thought and material preparation that we will be happy to help you develop. Adopting a kitten is an important decision that commits you for years and that includes constraints (cleaning the litter, care during the holidays, allergy, cat activity during the night, etc ...).

Our kittens are handled daily. Therefore, they are perfectly sociable, cuddly, accustomed to family life and all its sounds. They spend their first weeks in the bedroom, where everything is done for their safety and development. Once they are able to climb the panel that separates the bedroom to the rest of the house, kittens invade the house for our greatest happiness.

Our kittens can leave the house starting from 13 weeks old (14-15 weeks old for the females). They are then vaccinated (primary vaccination and booster) against coryza, leucosis and typhus. All our kittens are vaccinated against rabies, they have a passport and are identified by electronic chip. They are treated against internal and external parasites regularly. All our kittens have a LOOF pedigree and a FFF pedigree. We also give to the new owner a certificate of good health made by the vet. The kittens sold as pet will be neutered, without exception.

We want for our kittens an interior life exclusively, or in an outdoor environment completely closed. Freedom involves a lot of dangers, often fatal: traffic, illnesses, injuries, poisoning, malicious damage, theft, etc ...

The selling price of a pet kitten neutered is 1100 €. For all bookings, a deposit will be required.

If a kitten interests you, we invite you to contact us. We do not accept booking before the kitten is 8 weeks old, but the kitten can be "on hold'.

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