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IT*Mellon Bliss Lenticchia

Red spotted tabby (d 24)

Born on 12.06.2023

GSD4 negativ
PKDef negativ
HCM will be screened in 2024

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The arrival of Lentichhia is the result of a carefully considered decision: to welcome a new male after having neutered Imeros in 2022.

There were many criteria to tick, because it was the first time in 15 years of breeding that I bought a male... And it was finally in Italy that I found my rare pearl.

Lenticchia is a young male with an impressive size, promising coat for his young age and numerous type qualities including perfect ears in size and placement.

I warmly thank his breeder Alexia for agreeing to entrust me with this “Patate” with his purring character and I am delighted to see him grow!


Lenticchia, 6 months old Lenticchia, 5 and a half months old Lenticchia, 5 and a half months old Lenticchia, 4 and a half months old

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