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Soana Line de Leinoya*FR

Black silver spotted tabby bicolore (ns 03 24)

Born on 03.02.2021

GSD4 negativ
PK Def negativ
HCM normal 01.09.2022 - Dr Riesen

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Soana aka Soso was born from a long-awaited litter. Indeed, her dad Imeros took more than 5 years before finally giving us a second litter... ! Soana was an emotional love at first sight from her first weeks of life, like her mother and father at the time :-)


From a litter of 5 females and 1 male, it was very difficult for me to decide who would stay, especially with her sister Sirina who took a lot of her daddy. But after a few weeks, the choice of Soana became obvious. That inexplicable little something that stole my heart.


Soana is very similar to her mom, both in type and in temperament. A little one full of energy and craziness.

I love her big well-placed ears inherited from mom, her sometimes mischievous sometimes wild expression. For the rest, let her grow a little longer :-)

I am really very happy to have been able to keep this kitten born from two Leinoya parents :-) A very nice way to celebrate the 10 years anniversary of our cattery !


Soana, 1 and a half year old Soana, 1 and a half year old Soana, 10 months old Soana, 10 months old Soana, 9 months old Soana, 4 months old Soana, 4 months old Soana, 4 months old Soana, 3 and a half months old

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